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MD-PhD Day

Welcome to the Yale MD-PhD Program!

On Tuesday, the evening before the Yale School of Medicine MD-PhD Second Look kicks off, we welcome students accepted into the MD-PhD Program. We hope you’ve gotten a sense of what our program is about—our commitment to train rigorous, visionary and resilient physician-scientists who will improve the health of individuals and populations and meet the Nation’s biomedical research challenges. But that’s what all the other MD-PhD programs strive to do too.

MD-PhD Day is about sharing with you what we think makes Yale’s MD-PhD Program special—a diverse community of scientists and clinicians hailing from across the US and globe, research spanning from the theoretical and computational through cells and systems to people and populations, labs on Science Hill to West Campus to the Medical School and in international locations, MD and PhD classmates, friends, mentors, and this special city we call home.

The MD-PhD Day student organizers, Josh Saskin, Katie Tiemeyer, and Jaime González-Hernández will be emailing you soon, so stay tuned.