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  • Trauma Is Probably The Reason You're So Tired Right Now

    You might expect, after a year of living with restrictions and extreme uncertainty, that at this point in the coronavirus pandemic ― with vaccines available in the U.S. and cities and businesses reopening ― people would be full of energy and enthusiasm, ready to get out and do things.

    Source: Yahoo! Sport
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  • How Mental Health Shapes Recovery After a Disaster

    When disaster strikes, people’s lives are changed in unexpected and unprecedented ways. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods, man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks and chemical warfare, and public health disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic all cause individuals to suffer in a myriad of ways for which they are often unprepared.

    Source: Psychology Today
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  • One in Three COVID Patients Develop Mental Health Complications

    One in every three patients develop a mental or neurological disorder, according to a new study published in Lancet Psychiatry that examined the medical records of 230,000 U.S. survivors of COVID-19. Up to 34% of them reported experienced these symptoms and of those, 13% had no recorded history of a mental or psychological complications. Up to 17% reported suffering from anxiety and 14% reported mood disorders. Others reported neurobiological imbalances, including stroke, dementia, or psychosis.

    Source: Legal Reader
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  • How To Talk About COVID Grief in The Classroom

    According to tradition, the Buddha’s father tried to shield him from human suffering by raising him in a lavish palace where death was never mentioned and sick and old servants were not allowed to enter.

    Source: Tech & Learning
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  • The Pandemic Anniversary Is Coming. Here’s How to Cope

    Although the coronavirus was circulating in the United States in January 2020, last March was full of harrowing firsts. Whether you eventually experienced the illness firsthand or not, your life undoubtedly changed—perhaps even devastatingly—in March 2020, when COVID-19 became a household name in the U.S.

    Source: Self
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