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Hillmer Lab for Biomedical Imaging


Our research team is part of the Yale PET Center in New Haven, CT. Our research leverages the biological specificity afforded by Positron Emission Tomography (PET) imaging to develop and apply new imaging techniques that advance public health. Research interests cross disciplines such as imaging physics, radiochemistry, pharmacology, neuroscience, psychiatry, and statistical methods. We have three main areas of research:

  1. Characterizing new PET radiotracers and imaging paradigms in translational models
  2. Development of new analysis tools that advance biological information extracted from imaging data
  3. Application of PET imaging methods in clinical populations to advance public health

Biological themes that overlay across these research areas include

  • Neuroimmune imaging targets
  • Cholinergic brain imaging
  • Mechanisms underlying substance use disorders
  • Acute drug effects on the brain

More details on active projects can be found here: Projects

We welcome inquiries about opportunities to work with us! If you are interested, please contact Ansel Hillmer