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New review on memory integration

Stress is often thought to disrupt memory binding, leading to fragmented and disjointed representations. In a huge undertaking with grad student Krystian Loetscher, we revisit this idea, examining whether stress may actually promote memory integration. We consider the way individual experiences are recalled, how different events are linked together, and how individual memories are embedded into our schemas.

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  • New paper on memory generalization and drinking behavior

    Now out in Psych Science, we show that overgeneralization - spreading learned associations to situations that look similar - can help us understand substance use! Just as patients with anxiety disorders tend to overgeneralize associations with fear, we found that individuals engaging in risky patterns of alcohol drinking show a tendency to overgeneralize associations with alcohol. Amazing work by Sanghoon Kang, Grace Larrabee, and Sanya Nair! Check out an excellent summary here:

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  • Welcome, Zihan

    We are thrilled to welcome Zihan Bai, new PGA in the CAMS Lab. Zihan completed his BA at The Ohio State University, where he worked with Julie Golomb and Andrew Leber, then received his MA at the University of Chicago, where he worked with YC Leong.

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  • New paper shares ideas about finding memories in the brain

    In this piece just published in Perspectives on Psychological Science, we argue for a new way of thinking about multiple memory systems: opposing memory representations can both be supported by the same brain structure, and parallel memory representations can be found in distinct structures. Congratulations to co-authors Brynn Sherman and Nick Turk-Browne!

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  • Welcome summer scholars!

    The CAMS Lab is delighted to host Megan Broderick (SURF program) and Sarah Feng (WTI Summer Scholar) this summer! Picture taken after Sarah's excellent WTI presentation: Top row: Dawn Nguyen, Julia Pratt, Grace Larrabee, Sanya Nair Bottom row: Elizabeth Goldfarb, Sarah Feng, Krystian Loetscher, Megan Broderick

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  • Dr. Goldfarb receives Young Investigator Award

    Dr. Goldfarb received a Young Investigator Award from "Alcoholism and Stress: A Framework For Future Treatment Strategies". This award highlights their outstanding achievement in the field of addiction medicine and stress disorders and includes a presentation in the Young Investigator Symposium at the meeting in May 2023.

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  • Goodbye Grace, and happy holidays!

    Congratulations to Grace on graduating from Yale College! We will miss having her in the lab and know she will be an amazing doctor. *Update 03/2023: We are delighted to welcome Grace back as a PGA!

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  • CAMS Lab Presents…

    …some exciting new findings! Sanghoon and Flory shared their work and the 2nd Yale Postgraduate Association symposium, Arianna presented at Annual Biomedical Research Conference for Minoritized Scientists (ABRCMS), and Brynn and Sanghoon gave poster presentations at the Society for Neuroscience annual meeting, along with a nanosymposium co-chaired by Dr. Goldfarb and CAMS Lab buddy Dr. Clewett. They all did a wonderful job!

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