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  • Scientists Zero in on Genetic Causes of Parkinson’s

    In two new papers, scientists provide insight into the function of a protein called VPS13C, one of the molecular suspects that underlie Parkinson’s, a disease marked by uncontrollable movements including tremors, stiffness, and loss of balance.

    Source: YaleNews
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  • HHMI Gives Major Support to Yale COVID-19 Research

    The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) has provided $10 million to HHMI Investigators at Yale, an HHMI host institution. The funding supports collaborative research projects through the labs of some of the leading experts at the forefront of COVID-19 research.

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  • Neuronal Cytoskeleton Disorganization at Lysosome Traffic Jams

    New research from the De Camilli and Ferguson labs reveals a close relationship between the transport of lysosomes and cytoskeleton organization in neuronal axons through studies of human ipSC-derived neurons lacking JIP3/MAPK8IP3, a scaffold protein that is thought to link lysosomes to motors. These findings raise new questions about how the transport of cargos is coordinated with the structure and dynamics of multiple components of the axonal cytoskeleton. Answers to these questions may be relevant to human neurdevelopmental disease arising from mutations in the JIP3/MAPK8IP3 gene as well as for Alzheimer’s disease where lysosomes accumulate in axonal swellings at amyloid plaques.

    Source: Communications Biology
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  • Pietro De Camilli Selected for 2021 E.B. Wilson Medal

    Pietro De Camilli, professor of Neuroscience and Cell Biology at Yale University and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator, has been chosen by ASCB to receive the 2021 E.B. Wilson Medal. De Camilli is also the director of the Kavli Institute of Neuroscience at the Yale University School of Medicine.

    Source: American Society for Cell Biology
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  • De Camilli receives the 2021 E.B. Wilson Medal from The American Society for Cell Biology

    Each year, the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB) chooses remarkable individuals to be recognized for their various achievements in the realm of life sciences. Pietro De Camilli received the E.B. Wilson Medal, presented to distinguished researchers for their far-reaching contributions to cell biology over a lifetime in science.

    Source: The American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB)
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