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Current Members


Name Current Position
Zeki Ilkan, PhD Postdoctoral Fellow, Oxford University
Nour Raad MD, PhD Cardiology Fellow, Technical University of Munich
Lukas Motloch, MD, PhD Assistant Professor, Paracelsus Medical University
Jun Hu, PhD Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Benjamin Strauss, PhD McKinsey Consulting
Basil S. Karam, MD Clinical Researcher, University of Wisconsin
Won Joon Koh, MS Medical Student, Drexel College of Medicine
Alejandro Chavez, MS Engineer, Medtronic, Inc
Nora Biary, MD Instructor, Pediatrics, University of Michigan
Chaoqin Xie, MD Actuarial Analyst, AmTrust Financial Services
Paul J. Joudrey, MD, MPH Instructor, Yale School of Medicine
Robert D Nass, MD Assistant Professor, Neurology, University of Bonn
Alexander Lyon, MD Senior Lecturer, Imperial College, London
Samuel Hahn, MD Otolaryngology, GBMC Healthcare