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Research Training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Training future leaders in academic research is a core mission of the Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program. Opportunities are available for students seeking new graduate or post-graduate positions, those already enrolled in degree programs at one of Yale’s graduate or professional schools, or those enrolled at another institution but wishing to work on a Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine-based research project or schedule a rotation with the program.

Training Opportunities

For Physicians

The flagship research training opportunity in Occupational and Environmental Medicine is the post-doctoral fellowship for physicians who have completed their training in a clinical specialty. This fully funded two-year program includes the MPH degree from the Yale School of Public Health and all other eligibility requirements for American Board of Preventive Medicine certification. A funded third year is also available for those candidates who are planning a full-time academic research careers.

For Non-physicians and Students Outside of Yale University

Non-MD post-doctoral fellowships become available from time to time, typically linked to funded research projects. Potential applicants interested in a post-doc year or two should contact our office at 203-785-6434.

Enrolled Yale Students at YSM, YSPH, or Other Graduate Programs

Annually, Occupational and Environmental Medicine sponsors multiple MPH and MD theses covering an array of clinical, epidemiologic, or laboratory-based topics. Students are invited to discuss the many opportunities for research work, including projects leading to the thesis requirement. Call 203-785-6434 for more information.

Prospective students should review the faculty profiles and research links on our website to familiarize themselves with the department’s ongoing projects and potential faculty mentors before scheduling a meeting.

Prospective Yale Students

For prospective applicants for graduate training at either the master’s degree in public health (MPH) level, or the doctoral degree (PhD) at Yale School of Medicine (YSM) or Yale School of Public Health (YSPH), contact our office with the name of the Occupational and Environmental Medicine faculty member or members with whom you might like to work with.

Admission to all graduate programs at YSM or YSPH requires a parallel process separate from Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and funding where available is always arranged through YSM or YSPH. Review the appropriate admission requirements and financial policies on the YSM and/or YSPH’s website.