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Services for Individuals and Corporations

The Yale Occcupational and Environmental Medicine Program combines a thorough medical evaluation of patients with a detailed assessment of occupational and/or environmental exposures that could be contributing to their medical condition. This may involve a site visit to a worksite or home by a team led by our industrial hygienist to do an exposure assessment leading to identification of a hazard that can be eliminated or reduced for the patient as well as to reduce risk for others.

In addition to direct patient care consultation services for corporate clients, both large and small, include:

Independent Medical Evaluations (IME)

Physicians at the Yale Occupational & Environmental Medicine Program are board certified in occupational and environmental medicine and have extensive experience in performing independent medical examinations of complex work- or environmentally-related cases and disability assessment, including occupational lung disease, noise induced hearing loss, and occupational infectious disease. These independent medical examinations may involve direct patient evaluations, and/or review of past medical and other records.

On-site Medical Services & Industrial Hygiene

The Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program has the resources and experience to provide a wide range of occupational and environmental medicine solutions to both small and large businesses, including on-site examinations, diagnostic testing, employee surveys, and vaccination administration, as well as other clinical or environmental assessment activities. We provide services within the greater New York Metro/Southern New England area, and welcome inquiries regarding the most efficient program to suit the unique needs of each situation.

Consulting Services

Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine's team of board certified professionals provides ongoing consultation to large and small corporate clients with services including risk assessments, program and policy development, outbreak investigations, program evaluation, and injury analysis.

Please contact our clinic manager at 203-785-4197 for more information.

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