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Project MATBio

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for opiate addiction, combined with needle and syringe exchange programs (NESP) have substantially reduced the risk of HIV transmission in people who inject drugs (PWIDs). MAT reduces mortality among HIV-positive PWIDs (which is otherwise 3-fold higher than in PWIDs who are HIV-negative) and is predominantly available in the form of opioid agonist treatment with methadone or buprenorphine, with emerging use of opioid antagonist treatments (e.g. extended-release naltrexone). However, there are no recommendations currently available to guide the selection of MAT agent. This study is prospectively looking to understand changes in blood cell function, gene expression, metabolism and alterations in immune function associated with medication assisted therapy (MAT) (e.g. methadone or Suboxone) to better inform treatment choice.

Enrollment; Persons need to be enrolled into the study before starting methadone or Suboxone and can be HIV-negative or HIV-positive and taking medications for HIV. The study lasts for 6 months. If interested in participating, please call Luis (860-305-3289) or Bre (203-231-2454)

Funding Provided by:
National Institute on Drug Abuse

Project Period:
2016 - 2021