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The Geriatrics Project

The Geriatrics Project seeks to arm older adults with strategies to maintain their health and independence. We've produced a series of short videos featuring experts within the Yale Section of Geriatrics to inform you about care tactics and cutting-edge discoveries to assist older adults with some common challenges of aging.

The Section of Geriatrics strives to improve the health of older adults by providing exceptional patient care, training future leaders and innovators in aging, and engaging in cutting-edge research. Our programs are enhanced by the generous philanthropic support of our donors and a gift of any amount is vital to our mission. If you’d like to learn about ways your philanthropy can impact the work you see here, visit Support Us to learn more.


Do you have mobility challenges? Not sure? Watch this one-minute preview from Leo M. Cooney Jr., MD, Humana Foundation Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics), Yale Geriatrics expert physician.


Dr. Leo Cooney Overview

Maintaining Independence Preview 

Dr. Leo Cooney - Maintaining Independence

Do you have concerns about maintaining your independence as you age? Watch this 14-minute video from Yale Geriatrics' Leo M. Cooney Jr., MD, Humana Foundation Professor of Medicine (Geriatrics). He discusses the components of mobility and what strategies older adults and different aids to help accomplish these tasks. He also shares an important balance test that a physician might perform to access a patient's stability.


Dr. Leo Cooney

Maintaining Independence