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Current Research

Below is a listing of research topics currently being conducted by the Section of Geriatrics and Program on Aging.

  • Functional outcomes among older patients with critical illness
  • Health care decision making for patients with dementia
  • Treatment of cardiovascular disorders in patients with multiple chronic conditions, including dementia
  • Sleep disturbances in older adults with physical and cognitive impairment
  • Evaluating health care disparities in older adults
  • Appropriate use of psychotropic medications in older adults with psychiatric disorders
  • Psychological, behavioral, and social factors influencing health status and function.
  • Cognitive outcomes in patients living with chronic HIV infection
  • The role of social relationships (e.g., caregiving networks, social isolation) in preventing and delaying disability and cognitive decline in older adults.
  • Long-term functional and symptom sequelae of COVID-19 infection in older adults
  • Risk and benefits of multiple medication use among older persons with chronic illnesses