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Educational Opportunities

At the Yale School of Medicine, fellowship participants can pursue unique educational opportunities beyond the curriculum devised by their training program. Several programs are available to junior faculty as well. The career enhancement programs listed here offer a wide range of opportunities, including clinical teaching skills, mentorship, and research support. For each program listed, participants will be awarded a certificate or degree upon completion of the program.


  • Fellows as Medical Educators (FAME)

    A one-year fellowship program designed for residents and fellows interested in enhancing teaching skills. Topics introduced include learning theory, teaching small groups, and creating a positive learning environment.

    Program Coordinator: Dorothy Bernardo

  • National Clinical Scholars Program

    A two-year fellowship program designed for clinicians and nurses who have completed their training. Fellows and junior faculty are welcome to apply. The program seeks to create clinician leaders that will improve health and healthcare in the US through collaborative scholarship and action at the local, state, and the national level.

    Program Coordinator: Sarah Englehardt

  • Investigative Medicine Program

    A training program for physicians interested in either lab-based or patient-based clinical investigation, culminating in a Ph.D. degree. Most students complete the program within 3-4 years.

    Program Coordinator: Jack Lance

  • Master of Health Sciences Degree

    A 2-year masters program open to residents, fellows, and faculty in the Yale School of Medicine. Pathways include clinical, medical informatics, laboratory/translational, or medical education.

    Program Coordinator: Dorothy Bernardo

  • MHS Med Ed Degree Program

    A specialized pathway of the MHS program for those interested in pursuing a career in medical education.

    Program Coordinator: Dorothy Bernardo

  • YSM Science Fellows Program

    A mentorship program designed to support research and postdoctoral careers of outstanding research scientists. Amongst the benefits of the program include a generous stipend, faculty mentorship, and access to independent research funding. Those with newly awarded PhDs or MD/PhDs who identify as an underrepresented group in medicine are encouraged to apply.

    Check website for application information

  • YCCI Scholars Program

    A training program for fellows and junior faculty interested in pursuing a career in translational research. The program seeks to train participants in use of state-of the art equipment, provide the skills to work in diverse multidisciplinary research teams and to support their professional development.


  • Medical Education Fellowship

    A one-year fellowship program for faculty interested in pursuing educational leadership roles within their departments. The course will provide instruction on how to create an education project, enhance teaching skills, and improve skills in giving feedback.

    Program Coordinator: Dorothy Bernardo

  • Stanford Clinical Teaching Course/Clinical Teaching Series

    A certificate program for fellows and faculty interested in developing clinical teaching skills. The program involves 14 contact hours and provides training in areas including learning climate, evaluation, and feedback.

    Check website for application information

  • Janeway Society

    A mentorship and career development program for full-time junior faculty interested in pursuing a physician-scientist path. Goals of the program include shortening time to independence at Yale.


  • ACES (Advancement of Clinician Educator Scholarship)

    A certificate program for junior faculty on the clinician-educator track seeking additional training in educational scholarship. This one-year program includes instruction on statistics, paper writing, and how to find and apply for funding in medical education scholarship.

    Program Coordinator: Donna Windish