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Educator Development

There are a number of ways to improve your effectiveness as an educator. Whether you just want to improve your clinical teaching skills or want to design a course or curriculum, there are many options to choose from.

Faculty Development Opportunities

Clinical Teaching

Clinical teaching sessions can be offered as a series or as individual modules. The following is a partial list, but other topics could be developed upon request.

Clinical Teaching Series (a.k.a. “Stanford Clinical Teaching Course)

Ideally designed as a seven weekly session course, two hours per session totaling 14 hours of educator development. Successful completion of this series results in a certificate from the nationally recognized Stanford/Yale clinical teaching course. Enrollment is limited to six to eight participants per series. Interested individuals should contact Linda Sarro at the Teaching and Learning Center.

Modules include:

  • Learning Climate
  • Control of Session
  • Communication of Goals
  • Promotion of Understanding and Retention
  • Evaluation
  • Feedback
  • Promotion of Self Directed Learning

Stand-Alone Topics

The following topics are available to small and large groups of faculty, depending upon the topic. Please contact any of the faculty facilitator for more information. Primary site for faculty is listed in parenthesis but may be available to travel.

Direct Observation and Effective Feedback
Learning Climate
Clinical Reasoning
Teaching at Bedside
Serious Communications Skills Facilitator Training (powered by Vitaltalk)
Entrustment Decision Making
Attending on the Wards
Statistics for MedEd Scholarship
Self-Regulated Learning

Peer Evaluation of Your Teaching

Faculty who have participated in the Stanford teaching series are available to observe and give you feedback on your clinical or classroom teaching.

Advancement of Clinician-Educator Scholarship (ACES) Faculty Development Program

The Department of Internal Medicine Advancement of Clinician-Educator Scholarship (ACES) Faculty Development Program launched in July 2019.

Developed from the feedback after a recent department faculty needs assessment survey, ACES was created to foster the career development of junior clinician-educators in educational scholarship.

In the survey, respondents at the instructor level and in the clinician-educator track reported they lacked the knowledge and skills to conduct scholarship. Additionally, the survey indicated that those surveyed wanted more training in research skills specific to the needs of a clinician-educator including, curriculum/program development, survey designs, qualitative research, and program evaluation and feedback.

The program will be led by Donna Windish, MD, MPH, associate professor of medicine and clinician-educator in the Section of General Internal Medicine. Sixteen additional faculty inside and outside of the department will participate in the program. These faculty have training to meet the research skill needs of the program participants.

Interested applicants should read the attached program description for more details, discuss their interest with their section chief, and complete the application form by Friday, January 13, 2023. Acceptance to the program will be determined by March 2023. The next ACES program is set to start in early July 2023 and runs through June 2023.

Application Form

Program Description

Teaching and Learning Center

The YSM Teaching and Learning Center offers formal and informal programs (MedEd Fellowship, Masters in Medical Education, Med Ed Discussion groups) for faculty interested in improving their educator skills beyond those focused on front line teaching. Call for nominations for both the Fellowship (one-year commitment, meets twice monthly) and Master’s program (two-year commitment, 35% effort expected) are made to the Chair’s office annually. Interested faculty should let Dr. Gary Desir and Dr. Vincent Quagliarello know.

Opportunities for Fellows and Residents

Fellows as Medical Educators (FAME)

Up to 10 Fellows from any Section in the Department of Medicine interested in enhancing teaching skills are invited to participate in a one year didactic/experiential curriculum. Core topics include creating a positive learning climate, introduction to learning theory, teaching small groups, packaging your teaching content, using technology in teaching and more. All participating fellow are required to have a mentor within their program who will supervise and observe/give feedback to fellow during experiential components.

Clinician Educator Distinction

The Clinician Educator Distinction is robust opportunity available to residents in any Yale Internal Medicine residency program (Traditional, Primary Care, and Med-Peds residency). Residents are expected to participate in didactic, experiential, and scholarly activities which are supported by a two-year curriculum and individual mentorship. Call for applications goes out summer at start of PGY 2 year and is a two-year curriculum (i.e. starts officially in late summer of PGY 2 year).