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Yale INP Student April Pruitt receives Autism Science Foundation Grant

April 27, 2022

April Pruitt, INP second year, is one of nine pre and postdocs nation wide to qualify for the Autism Science Foundation's 2022 Fellowship. April is co-mentored by Ellen Hoffman, M.D. PhD., and Kristin Brennand, PhD., and her work focuses on the biological bases for the 4:1 male to female ratio in autism diagnoses. April is exploring the role estrogen plays in turning neurons on and off - she will be using induced pluripotent stem cells to test applying estrogen and compare functioning of different cell types.

At ASF, we recognize the immense value in ensuring that we foster the next generation of researchers, whose passion and dedication will continue to propel the field forward and whose work is poised to tangibly improve the lives of people with autism.

Dr. Alycia Halladay, Autism Science Foundation Chief Science Office
Submitted by Benjamin Crome on April 27, 2022