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  • Students Organize Auction to Support Local Nonprofits Focused on Hunger & Homelessness

    “The man. The myth. The bowtie.” When auctioneer Jaideep Talwalkar, MD, associate professor of internal medicine (general medicine) and assistant dean for education, called out these words at Yale School of Medicine’s (YSM) 29th Annual Hunger & Homelessness (H&H) Charity Auction on the evening of January 19, it led to a bidding frenzy from the crowd gathered in the school’s Café Med.

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  • Anatomy Teaching Program: Decades of Impactful Community Mentoring

    Since 1994, students from Hill Regional Career Magnet High School in New Haven—which focuses on business, technology, health, and the sciences— have had the opportunity to study anatomy in the anatomy lab at Yale School of Medicine (YSM). First and second-year YSM student volunteers teach and serve as mentors in the Anatomy Teaching Program (ATP). At least 1,000 Career students, most in their junior year, have participated in ATP since its creation.

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  • Why Is Everyone I Know Getting Sick?

    Masks and social distancing made the common cold nearly disappear, but now these viruses are back with a vengeance. RSV is filling up emergency rooms, and flu season is off to a roaring start, too. It’s the worst season of respiratory illness in recent memory. Why is this happening? Alok and Sheena explain the leading theory behind the “tripledemic.” Vitals is a series that’s taking a new approach to health and medicine. Hosts Alok Patel, MD, and Sheena Williams RN are going beyond the headlines to answer your questions on the latest health topics. No judgment, no taboos. Just 100% science-based information.

    Source: PBS Vitals
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  • Inequities in medical school research could hinder workforce diversity

    In two new studies, Yale investigators examined factors that can shape biomedical career paths — research experiences, publications, and funding rates — among medical students in the United States. They found disparities across race, ethnicity, and sex that may contribute to underrepresentation in the field.

    Source: YaleNews
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  • Transforming the Art on Our Walls

    Four years ago, images of women were practically non-existent in the most widely used public spaces at Yale School of Medicine. Today, the school's wall reflect its community.

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