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Leadership In Radiology and Public Health:The Yale Informatics Fellowship

Role: Dual appointment as Yale MPH Candidate and Yale Diagnostic Radiology Clinical Fellow

For Whom: Post-residency Diagnostic Radiologist who aspires to be an informatics leader in Private or Academic Practice. With an active clinical presence in their chosen Diagnostic Radiology division alongside a broader role in the department’s informatics initiatives, the Radiologist will become experienced in much of the gamut of clinical and informatics activities in our department.

Overview: During a two-year cycle, beginning in July, the candidate will complete the MPH program at Yale School of Public Health and a clinical imaging position with roles corresponding to the needs of the section applied to. In addition, the candidate will play a leadership role on one or more projects from the Chair’s office. Projects may include (but not be limited to): research; operational programing; innovation initiatives; teleradiology programmatic growth; or process improvement.


  • The candidate will submit three letters of recommendation (two from clinical mentors/colleagues, and one from an academic mentor who can attest to the candidate’s potential in informatics) and affirm that they will have completed a certified diagnostic radiology residency program as of the start date; and are either board certified or eligible for the diagnostic radiology board certification exam.
  • Students will also need to formally apply and be accepted to the Executive Master of Public Health (eMPH) program.
  • Candidates should submit a CV and cover letter indicating their preferred clinical home. Please feel free to contact Sophie Chheang with any additional questions.

Format: The candidate will work as a clinical fellow as defined by the imaging section. The candidates' clinical work will be proctored and reviewed on a regular basis by the section’s attending physicians. Clinical fellowship slots may be found in body imaging, chest/cardiac imaging, musculoskeletal imaging, and breast imaging. Beginning in late July, the candidate will begin the eMPH program on the Health Informatics track. Over the next 24 months, the candidate will spend 3 class sessions on campus and engage in the online education program

The fellow will NOT be scheduled for clinical work during the period leading up to, nor including, the class times.

The fellowship will conclude at the end of 24 months, with the fellow receiving a certificate of completion of fellowship from Yale Diagnostic Radiology as well as the MPH degree from Yale University.

The fellow will receive a salary commensurate with their clinical position with full-tuition reimbursement for the eMPH program. In addition, the fellow will receive additional remuneration for any additional shifts he/she voluntarily accepts beyond the stated required shifts (as allowed). The fellow will receive a book/travel allowance of $1,000 dollars per year, which may be applied to eMPH experiential costs. An office space in the department will be provided.

Application Deadline: Applications are handled in a rolling process. Interested candidates should reach out to the Program Director, Dr. Sophie Chheang.

Clinical Position

The fellow will have the designation of Clinical Instructor. Depending on the fellow’s “clinical home,” expectations may differ. Clinical sections available will include the following:

Note that these fellowships traditionally span one year. Therefore, it would be expected that in the second year the fellow would remain a Clinical Instructor and operate as an independent staff attending. Fellows can also opt to work alongside the Emergency Imaging staff over the entirety of the 2-year program as an independent staff attending.

More information on the Yale Radiology fellowship programs can be found here.