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Educational Program

Resident and junior faculty initiatives

Actively engage with members of our department to identify their interests and discuss how our informatics personnel and relationships can assist.

Virtual education/simulation

In collaboration with YDR residency program directors and the center for virtual simulation, develop IR, US, GI, and other training modules following the format of the successful contrast simulation program.

Remote reading

Expand and support remote reading to include trainees. Pilot home reading of Breast Imaging remote reading, and if successful, negotiate contracts and support remote reading for additional section members.

Patient communication skills

Develop an interactive program to assist radiologists with skills and confidence to interact with patients in a variety of clinical scenarios: Discussing reports, incidental findings, complications, radiation, contrast, pregnancy and image tests. Educational Program

Informatics curriculum

Establish a dedicated year-long curriculum that is open to the entire Radiology department. The curriculum will be in the form of lectures and workshops, with the ultimate goal of generating excitement and new ideas to further advance informatics programs. Speakers within and outside of Yale will be invited to discuss a wide array of topics: informatics infrastructure, AI tools, regulatory need, industry considerations, interdepartmental collaborations, etc. For more information please see the full curriculum here.