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F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE

Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephrology) and Public Health (Chronic Disease Epidemiology); Director, Clinical and Translational Research Accelerator (CTRA); Course Director, Interpretation of the Medical Literature; Co Director, Human Genetics and Clinical Research Core

Contact Information

F. Perry Wilson, MD, MSCE

Research Summary

Dr. Wilson's research focuses is "interventional data science" - using the tools of data science and digital health (including machine learning, real-time analytics, and wearable devices) to target diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to the right patient at the right time. He pursues interventional studies to try to help patients live longer, happier lives.

Specialized Terms: Randomized Trials; Acute Kidney Injury; Disparities; Outcomes; CKD progression; Machine-Learning; Personalized Medicine; Uplift modeling; Digital Health; Clinical Decision Support

Extensive Research Description

Dr. Wilson uses the tools of data science - machine learning, digital health devices (like wearables) and epidemiologic and translational research methods to target diagnostic and therapeutic interventions to patients at the point of care. His particular interest is in making care delivery more efficient by using data science approaches to target interventions to patients most likely to benefit from them. These models can reduce the number of individuals exposed to a drug or intervention unnecessarily, reducing adverse events, and lowering costs.


Research Interests

Internal Medicine; Nephrology; Clinical Trial; Decision Support Systems, Clinical; Acute Kidney Injury; Machine Learning; Alert Fatigue, Health Personnel; Wearable Electronic Devices; Implementation Science; Digital Technology

Public Health Interests

Epidemiology Methods; Randomized Trials; Pharmacoepidemiology

Selected Publications

Clinical Trials