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Elizabeth Claus, PhD, MD

Professor of Biostatistics; Director of Medical Research, School of Public Health

Research Summary

Elizabeth B. Claus, MD, PhD is Professor and Director of Medical Research in the Yale University School of Public Health as well as Attending Neurosurgeon and Director of Stereotactic Radiosurgery within the Department of Neurosurgery at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Dr. Claus' work is focused in cancer and genetic epidemiology with an emphasis on the development of risk models for breast and brain tumors. She is the overall PI of the Meningioma Consortium, the Meningioma Genome-Wide Association Study, and the Yale Acoustic Neuroma Study as well as a co-investigator of the GLIOGENE (Genes for Glioma) and International Glioma Case/Control (GICC) projects. In addition to her research activities, Dr. Claus trained as a neurosurgeon at Yale-New Haven Hospital and completed a fellowship in neurosurgical oncology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital; her clinical focus is on the treatment of meningioma, glioma, acoustic neuroma and brain metastases. In partnership with national patient brain tumor organizations including the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA), the National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) and the Acoustic Neuroma Association (ANA), Dr. Claus is working to develop cost- and time-efficient web- and smartphone- based recruitment strategies to be used in the study of brain tumors. She has recently received pilot funding from the ABTA and NBTS to commence development of a web-based registry for patients with low grade glioma (The International Low Grade Glioma Project at in an effort to advance research efforts for this group of patients.

Extensive Research Description

  • The Yale Breast Study
  • The DCIS and BRCA1/2 Cohort Study
  • The Meningioma Consortium Project
  • The Meningioma Family Study
  • The Meningioma Genome-Wide Association Study
  • GLIOGENE (Genes for Glioma)
  • The International Glioma Case/Control Study (GICC)
  • The Yale Acoustic Neuroma Study (
  • The International Low Grade Glioma Project (


Research Interests

Astrocytoma; Breast Neoplasms; Epidemiology; Glioma; Meningioma; Neurosurgery; Oligodendroglioma; Statistics as Topic; Central Nervous System Neoplasms

Public Health Interests

Cancer; Genetics, Genomics, Epigenetics

Research Image

Selected Publications