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To the Class of 2023:

Please read carefully. We are very pleased to provide you with this online directory of the research interests of Yale Medical School Faculty for your use in selecting a faculty research advisor and thesis project. The Yale M.D. thesis is a cornerstone of the Yale system of medical education, and continues to be supported enthusiastically by faculty and students.

We encourage all first year students to participate in the summer research fellowship program in the summer of 2020. If you do not begin your thesis research then, there is little time available until the fourth year when many other activities require your attention. The faculty strongly believes it is unwise to wait until the third or fourth year to begin a thesis project. Last year approximately 84 first year students received summer research stipends. An application for this fellowship is included on this site and additional copies are available in the Office of Student Research. The stipend for 10-12 weeks of summer research in 2020 will be $6,204.00. There are four ways to start using this online directory:

Additionally, the profiles are set up to recommend related topics and people to the profile you are reviewing, so you can browse across profiles. We suggest that you first review the index terms for areas of interest, and read faculty members’ research summaries and publications listings. You should then contact multiple faculty members to discuss potential student research projects. Most faculty members know the amount of time needed to accomplish a thesis and are prepared to support medical student endeavors, whether or not you have had prior experience in medical research.

We suggest that you contact 4-5 potential research mentors to learn about their projects and discuss the possibility of working with them. I am then available for meetings with small groups (2-3 students) or individual students to discuss possible thesis topics and research advisors. It is advisable to schedule this meeting after you have met with several potential advisors. Books with student evaluations of specific faculty mentors and thesis advisors are also available in the Office of Student Research Lounge, Room ESH-312 and should be reviewed as part of the process of choosing a faculty mentor and project. We hope that your search for a faculty research advisor and thesis project will be most successful. Please stop by the Office of Student Research or call us at 203-785-6633 to answer any questions.


John N. Forrest, Jr., M.D.
Director, Office of Student Research
Chair, Thesis Committee

How to Use this Resource

  • This page lists faculty alphabetically, allowing you to search for a specific faculty member, if you have one in mind.

  • The "Faculty Keyword" returns a list of research interest keywords pulled from the faculty profile. This feature allows you to generally search for topics in which you are interested, and returns any faculty members who have agreed to participate as Faculty Mentors.

  • You can also use the Keyword Search page to type in a specific keyword of interest and receive a list of faculty members researching in that area.