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Directory of Faculty Research Interests

The Directory of Faculty Research Interests is a listing of faculty mentors to support your research endeavors, but it is only one tool at your disposal. Learn more about the student research experience, including additional ways to find a mentor, about our strong mentorship culture, and the expansive opportunities to engage in research throughout your time at YSM.

Four Steps to Finding a Research Mentor

  • 1. Consider your Interests

    Consider your interests: Clinical, bench, or health equity? Global health, humanities, translational, or medical education?

    Once you decide on the broad domain, start brainstorming for research topics that get you excited and ready to learn.

  • 3. Contact Multiple Faculty

    Contact multiple faculty to discuss potential student research projects.

    We suggest that you contact 4-5 potential research mentors to learn about their projects and discuss the possibility of working with them.

  • 4. Meet with OSR

    The Office of Student Research maintains information on faculty who have served as mentors in the past, please stop by!

    After you have met with potential mentors, meet with us in small groups or individually to discuss possible summer research topics and faculty mentors.