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CRISPR/CAS Mouse Unit Internal Rate
Basic Component Rates - -
Design per service $1,000
Reagent production, testing per service $3,000
Microinjection per service $5,000
Genotyping per service $1,200 - $2,800
Guaranteed Rates* - -
CRISPR/Cas KO per service $11,000
CRISPR/Cas point mutation, simple knockin per service $14,500
CRISPR/Cas conditional KO (flox) per service $19,500
Complex project design per service inquire
*All guaranteed rate projects include design, reagent production/testing, microinjection, genotyping, and delivery of founders. Billed at milestones. Additional details provided upon service request.

Transgenic Mouse Unit Internal Rate
Transgenic Mouse per service $5,250
Transgenic Mouse: BAC Surcharge per service $775
Transgenic Mouse: Genotyping per service $1,750
Using a standard mouse strain; includes vector purification

Gene Targeting Service Unit Internal Rate
ES gene targeting: estimated package rate per package $16,000
Targeting/Transgenic Vector Construction per construct $700 - $6,000
Electroporation, drug selection per service $1,250
Expansion of ES colonies, freezing per clone $19
Genotyping per gene targeting project per project $3,000
Expansion of positive clones per clone $350
Karyotyping per service $325
de novo derivation of ES cells per clone $825
Embryonic stem (ES) cells/vial per vial $330
Mouse embryonic fibroblasts (MEF)/vial per vial $125
ES cell medium/L per liter $275

Blastocyst Injection Unit Internal Rate
Blastocyst Injection per blast $40
Embryo transfer per transfer $150
Tissue biopsy for genotyping per mouse $8
Deleter Mice per mouse $225

Cryopreservation/Reanimation Unit Internal Rate
Cryopreservation: Embryo per project $2,500
Cryopreservation: Sperm per service $750
Strain Reanimation (IVF) per service $1,100
Strain Reanimation (embryos) per derivation $750

Custom and Consulting Services Unit Internal Rate
Collaborations, developmental projects, technical improvements per service inquire
Custom Services per hour $200
Strain Import/export per hour $100

Effective July 1, 2023