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II. MarkUp Guideline

XML: From a small number of discrete colors to an unlimited palette

GEM Cutter is used during the initial guideline mark-up phase. GEM Cutter is an XML editor specialized for transforming narrative guideline text into a semi-structured GEM file using an intuitive cut and paste metaphor. This tool is appropriate to use on guidelines that have reached final form.

The guideline’s natural language narrative text is marked up using the GEM Cutter editor to populate the GEM XML schema. At this point, inconsistencies and lack of clear logic in the original narrative text can be clarified and resolved. Using an editing tool, the recommendations are transformed into statement logic (in the natural language of the guideline developers).

GEM Cutter accepts as input a guideline text file. Users mark up the file, classifying guideline text into appropriate elements of the standardized GEM II hierarchy.