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Design UI at CHOP

OLD The primary challenge was how to introduce the CDS logic into the context of existing clinical workflow and EHR screen flow. The CDS application was designed to go beyond providing alerts and notifications, to support the information and task-based requirements of the entire process. Synagis is quite expensive and support for its administration is carefully regulated.

Clinicians must manage patients through the entire process from obtaining approval from insurance companies to scheduling and administering doses throughout the season:

  • Notify clinicians of patients who may be candidates very early in the season
  • Utilize the GEM Cutter based rules in assuring the patient meets criteria for immunization
  • Provide the actual source guideline document to the physician or nurse noting the exact portion of text applicable to their patient
  • Provide a chart review function to automatically capture a large percentage of the 30-40 patient variables required by the insurance providers
  • Allow the nurse to track the process status of each patient, from insurance submissions, to appeals, to dose ordering and scheduling

CHOP Implementation Guide


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  • Examples of CHOP User-Orientated Design