About Us

Safe Patient Care Across the Continuum

In 2014, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) awarded Yale University a P30 Center Core Grant. This award provides four years of funding to CHIRAL, a joint venture between Yale University and Yale-New Haven Hospital, to better understand and creatively solve complex patient safety issues surrounding transitions of care.

CHIRAL facilitates patient safety learning laboratories. The center’s projects incorporate research methodology into quality improvement work, creating flexible, innovative techniques for improving care transitions. Interrelated threats to patient safety are identified, multidisciplinary teams produce new ways of thinking, and innovative design approaches are applied to create interventions that are evaluated in a clinical environment.

CHIRAL Projects

CHIRAL hosts three concurrent projects studying transitions of care. While the projects will all employ a similar design and engineering approach to clinical redesign, each project has a distinct research team, methodology, and focus.


Project 1: Improving the Safety and Quality of Transitions into Yale New Haven Hospital

Examination of transitions into the hospital. For example, patients transferred from outside facilities into the YNHH Emergency Department (ED).

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Project 2: Transitions Within the Hospital

Examination of transitions within the hospital. For example, patients transferred from one YNHH unit to another, such as ICU or ED to the floor.


Project 3: Transitions Out of the Hospital

Examination of transitions out of the hospital. For example, patients discharged from YNHH to a skilled nursing facility (SNF).