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Center for Healthcare Innovation, Redesign and Learning (CHIRAL)

Center for Healthcare Innovation, Redesign and Learning (CHIRAL)

A new approach to promoting safe, high quality care

Thousands of patients are transferred to, within and out of hospitals each day. When patients are transferred from one setting to another or one team to another they are at increased risk for a host of failures. Adverse outcomes from these transitions abound and include:

  • Delays in transport, diagnosis or treatment
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Medication errors
  • Admission of patients to the incorrect team or site of care
  • Redundant testing
  • Unexpected clinical deterioration

CHIRAL is a partnership between Yale New Haven Hospital and the Yale University School of Medicine. The center brings together a multidisciplinary team to better understand and creatively solve complex patient safety issues.


The mission of CHIRAL is to serve clinicians and patients through the creation of a dynamic, innovative environment where threats to patient safety are assessed and solutions are implemented then evaluated to advance breakthroughs and improvements in the delivery of healthcare.