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Image Processing and Analysis Group

The emphasis of the Image Processing and Analysis Group (IPAG) from the outset has been to bridge areas of general image processing and computer vision with medical-imaging-specific knowledge. As the Yale group was forming, much of the efforts in the medical image analysis field seemed to be coming from one of two directions:

  1. Computer vision and image processing specialists with an interest in, but limited detailed knowledge of, medical imaging and its applications.
  2. Medical imaging physicists who understood the principles of image acquisition and formation, but who typically did not have the specific applied mathematics, computer science, or signal and image processing background to contribute in the algorithm development areas.

By being physically located in the medical school while maintaining close ties to engineering through teaching and research, we strove to advance the field by developing new image processing and analysis methodology fully grounded with knowledge of image acquisition physics, anatomy and physiology, and the clinical and scientific questions.