Jaimie Meyer MD, MS

Assistant Professor of Medicine (AIDS)

Research Interests

HIV; women's health; prisoners; substance use disorders

Research Summary

Dr. Meyer's research focuses on the intersection between HIV, women's health, and substance use disorders, with particular attention to criminal justice populations.

Selected Publications

  • Meyer J, Cepeda J, Wu J, Trestman R, Altice F, Springer S. Optimization of HIV Treatment during Incarceration: Viral Suppression at the Prison Gate. JAMA Internal Medicine. 2014 May;174(5):721-9. PMID: 24687044 PMCID: PMC4074594
  • Meyer J, Zelenev A, Wickersham J, Williams C, Teixiera P, Altice F. Gender Disparities in HIV Treatment Outcomes Following Release From Jail: Results From a Multicenter Study. American Journal of Public Health. 2014 Mar; 104(3): 343-41. NIHMS: 581757. PMID: 24432878. PMC3953795.
  • Williams C, Kim S, Meyer J, Spaulding A, Teixeira P, Avery A, Moore K, Altice F, Simon D, Wickersham J, Murphy-Swallow D, Ouellet L. Gender Differences in Baseline Health, Needs at Release, and Predictors of Care Engagement among HIV-positive Clients Leaving Jail. AIDS and Behavior 2013 Oct;17 Suppl 2:195-202 PMID: 23314801 PMCID: PMC3758427
  • Meyer J, Wickersham J, Fu J, Brown S, Sullivan T, Springer S, Altice F. Partner Violence and Health among HIV-Infected Jail Detainees. International Journal of Prisoner Health 2013; 9(3): 124-141. DOI: 10.1108/IJPH-03-2013-0011.
  • Meyer J, Althoff A, Altice F. Optimizing Care for People with HIV who Use Drugs: Evidence-Based Strategies for Overcoming Healthcare Disparities. Clinical Infectious Disease (2013): Epub ahead of print. PMID: 23797288 DOI: 10.1093/cid/cit427.
  • Chitsaz E, Meyer JP, Krishnan A, Springer SA, Marcus R, Zaller N, Jordan AO, Lincoln T, Flanigan TP, Porterfield J, Altice FL. Contribution of Substance Use Disorders on HIV Treatment Outcomes and Antiretroviral Medication Adherence Among HIV-infected Persons Entering Jail. AIDS and Behavior 2013 May 15 PMID: 23673792.
  • Meyer J, Qiu J, Chen N, Larkin G, Altice F. Emergency Department Use by Released Prisoners with HIV: An Observational Longitudinal Study. PLoS ONE 2012; 7(8): e42416. PMID: 22879972 PMCID: 3411742

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