Chi Liu PhD

Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Radiology and of Biomedical Engineering

Departments & Organizations

Office of Student Research

School of Engineering and Applied ScienceDiagnostic Radiology: Bioimaging Sciences: Positron Emission TomographyYale Translational Research Imaging Center (Y-TRIC)

Research Interests

Quantitative PET/CT and SPECT/CT for cardiology and oncology applications; Image reconstruction algorithms; Quantitative data correction; Respiratory and cardiac motion compensation; Dynamic imaging; Translational imaging.


  • Ph.D., Johns Hopkins University, 2008

Selected Publications

  • Liu C and Sinusas A. Is Assessment of Absolute Myocardial Perfusion with SPECT Ready for Prime Time? J Nucl Med. 2014;55:1573-1575.
  • Chan C, Harris M, Le M, Biondi J, Liu Y-H, Sinusas A, and Liu C. End-expiration respiratory gating for a high-resolution stationary cardiac SPECT system. Physics in Medicine and Biology, 59 (2014), 6267-6287.
  • Chan C, Jin X, Fung E, Naganawa M, Mulnix T, Carson RE, and Liu C. Event-by-event Respiratory Motion Correction for PET with 3-Dimensional Internal-external Motion Correlation. Medical Physics, no. 11 (2013): 112507.


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