Vincent Allen Pieribone PhD

Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology and of Neurobiology; Associate Fellow, John B. Pierce Laboratory

Research Interests

Neurophysiology; Neurotransmission; Voltage dye imaging; Sensory physiology; Drug development; Coral biology; Fluorescent proteins

Research Summary

Changes in the strength of synaptic connections between neurons lie at the heart of information processing and storage in the central nervous system. While great insight into the mechanisms of synaptic transmission has emerged over the past decades, a unifying theory of the cellular mechanisms of vesicular release is still lacking. Dr. Pieribone uses electrophysiological and microscopic imaging techniques to observe and subtly alter the pre-synaptic vesicle release machinery in individual synapses to gain understanding into the workings of the synapse. Alterations in the minute details of synaptic structure are also examined using an electron microscope.

He is also developing animals which contain genetically encoded reporters of neuronal activity that will allow him to simultaneously monitor the activity of ensembles of neurons in a functioning nervous system. These types of studies will allow a better understanding of the neuronal networks that encode information in the central nervous system.

Selected Publications

  • Baker BJ, Mutoh H, Dimitrov D, Akemann W, Perron A, Iwamoto Y, Jin L, Cohen LB, Isacoff EY, Pieribone VA, Hughes T, Knöpfel T. Genetically encoded fluorescent sensors of membrane potential. Brain Cell Biol, 36:53-67, 2008.
  • Gruber DF, Kao HT, Janoschka S, Tsai J, Pieribone VA. Patterns of fluorescent protein expression in Scleractinian corals. Biol Bulletin, 215:143-54, 2008.
  • Kao HT, Li P, Chao HM, Janoschka S, Pham K, Feng J, McEwen BS, Greengard P, Pieribone VA, Porton B. Early involvement of synapsin III in neural progenitor cell development in the adult hippocampus J Comp Neurol, 507:1860-1870, 2008.
  • Kao HT, Sturgis S, Desalle R, Tsai J, Davis D, Gruber DF, Pieribone VA. Dynamic regulation of fluorescent proteins from a single species of coral. Marine Biotech, 9:733-46, 2007.
  • Pieribone VA, Tsai J, Soufflet C, Rey E, Shaw K, Giller E, Dulac O. Clinical evaluation of ganaxolone in pediatric and adolescent patients with refractory epilepsy. Epilepsia, 48:1870-4, 2007.
  • Nagayama S, Zeng S, Xiong W, Fletcher ML, Masurkar AV, Davis DJ, Pieribone VA, Chen WR. In vivo simultaneous tracing and Ca(2+) imaging of local neuronal circuits. Neuron, 15:789-803, 2007.
  • Ataka K and Pieribone VA. A genetically-targetable fluorescent voltage probe with fast kinetics. Biophys J, 82:509-516, 2002.
  • Severson CA, Wang W, Pieribone VA, Dohle CI, Richerson GB. Midbrain serotonergic neurons are central pH chemoreceptors. Nature Neurosci, 6:1139-40, 2003.

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