Slav Bagriantsev PhD

Assistant Professor of Cellular and Molecular Physiology

Departments & Organizations

Yale Combined Program in the Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS): Neuroscience | Molecular Medicine, Pharmacology, and Physiology

Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program

Cellular & Molecular Physiology

Research Interests

Sensory physiology; Biophysics; Biochemistry; Neuroscience; Electrophysiology; Polymodal ion channels; Temperature-sensitive ion channels; Mechanosensitive ion channels; Two-pore potassium channels; Ion channel pharmacology  more...


  • M.S., Moscow State University, 2001
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2007

Selected Publications

  • Bagriantsev S, Ang K, Gallardo-Godoy A, Clark K, Arkin M, Renslo A, Minor DL. A high-throughput functional screen identifies small molecule regulators of temperature- and mechano sensitive K2P channels. ACS Chem Biol 2013, 8(8):1841-51.
  • Bagriantsev S, Clark K, Minor DL. Metabolic and thermal stimuli control K2P2.1 (TREK-1) through modular sensory and gating domains. EMBO J 2012, 31: 3297-3308.
  • Bagriantsev S, Peyronnet R, Clark K, Honore E, Minor DL. Multiple modalities converge on a common gate to control K2P channel function. EMBO J 2011, 30: 3594-3606.



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