Outreach, Recruitment & Education Core Programs for Caregivers

This Four-Part Caregiver Course is offered by the CT Alzheimer’s association. This four part program is designed to educate caregivers on the necessary skills and information needed to provide care for persons with memory loss. Topics include: Overview of Alzheimer's Disease & Research, Communication Techniques, Identification of Behavioral Challenges, Family Dynamics, Community Resources, Legal and Financial Issues. This course is not intended to substitute for professional dementia specific training.


Click on the link below for the Free e-learning workshops for Family Caregivers.


Support Groups For Care Givers

Gail Sheehy states in her book Passages in Caregiving that "The best support for a caregiver, both emotional and practical, is another caregiver, especially one who has been lashed to a loved one with a similar condition." Listed below is a link to the numerous support groups located in Connecticut.