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Y-Age members and affiliated faculty study diverse basic and translational aspects of aging. This endeavor spans the use genetic model organisms (yeast, invertebrate and mammalian) through direct study of human disease and aging.

  • Faculty and Members

Y-Age is housed primarily in the Yale Department of Pathology and its members constitute a major arm of the research mission therein. However, members and affiliated faculty also interact with other existing centers and programs at Yale in geriatric medicine and age-related diseases. In aggregate, this represents interactions between many Departments at Yale School of Medicine and Yale University, including Immunobiology, Comparative Medicine, Medicine, Physiology, Genetics, Molecular and Cellular Biology, and


Bristlecone Pine, Pinus Longaeva - see more about our symbol

Yale Center for
Research on Aging (Y-Age)

Yale School of Medicine
Department of Pathology
PO Box 208023
New Haven, CT 06520