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Center for Systems & Engineering Immunology

The Yale Center for Systems and Engineering Immunology (CSEI) at the Yale University School of Medicine (YSM) brings together Yale faculty and trainees from diverse departments across Yale University, including the School of Medicine, School of Engineering and Applied Science, and the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to pursue systems, quantitative, and synthetic immunology.

About the Center for Systems and Engineering Immunology

The Center serves as an interdisciplinary home for faculty, researchers, and students interested in developing quantitative, predictive understandings of the immune system and in advancing technologies and computational approaches for systematic engineering of synthetic immune molecules, cells, and systems to empower both basic advances and biomedical applications. The Center also aims to empower computational, data, and technology intensive studies involving the immune system, especially those that study the interactions between the immune system and the physiology of all organ systems in health and disease. Towards these goals, the Center organizes a seminar and chalk talk series and scientific interest groups and is recruiting both existing and new faculty and staff to build interdisciplinary teams.