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The Yale Program on Supervision provides a range of tools, instruments, forms, competencies, and reference lists for your use. Click on the links to access these resources.

Recommended Books on Supervision

  • David Powell provides a list of the best books on supervision, including classic texts, volumes on special topics such as ethics, and discipline specific guides. [download]

Tools for Assessing Supervisors

  • This resource identifies the tools that can be used to assess supervisors and the quality of supervision they provide. It includes supervisee assessments of supervision. [download]

Tools for Assessing Supervisees

  • This document contains a list of instruments you can access to assess the competencies of direct care staff, counselors, and therapists. It includes generic and discipline specific tools. [download]

Tools for Documenting Clinical Supervision

  • Forms to document supervision and informed consent for supervision are included in this resource. [download]

Contracting Agreements for Supervision

  • This resource will guide you to a variety of supervision contracts that can be used to engage supervisees in a supervisory relationship. [download]

The initiative was met with enthusiasm by supervisors and direct line staff alike. We now have a comprehensive plan to focus on supervisory professional development, which has been endorsed by both senior leadership and middle management staff and communicated to all levels of the agency. This has resulted in a range of very significant outcomes, including increased job satisfaction for supervisors and staff, greater understanding of the supervisor’s role in the agency, and increased collegiality and learning amongst supervisors. We would highly recommend this initiative and training to other child agencies.

Chief Operating Officer of a Comprehensive Service Agency for Children