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What Supervisors Say

"Best supervisory training I've had."

"I was really impressed with the structured agenda for supervision."

"I learned techniques on how to be an effective supervisor. I will strive to set agendas and utilize treatment plans and performance reviews during supervision."

"Good, thought provoking discussions. The tools and handouts were clear, realistic, and helpful. This was a concrete look at real supervision problems, not just "pie in the sky" ideals. The supervision standards are attainable."

"I gained much needed knowledge and skills that I know I will use at my place of employment."

"I walked away with a greater appreciation for my role as a supervisor."

"As a result of this training I will re-commit to supervision and be more structured in my practice."

"I really enjoyed the training and it helped me identify some things I need to modify and develop in my supervisory relationships."

"Great Job! The trainers were enthusiastic about the topic & had insight into what is happening in the field."

"Great teachers. Open, respectful and certainly experts on the topic."

"This gave me food for thought and helped to "revitalize" my energy."

"I found the peer discussion quite valuable and the lecture/brainstorming process extremely helpful."