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What Agency Leaders Say

"The Supervision Initiative has been of tremendous benefit to our Agency. We now have a recognized and accepted agency-wide supervision model, supervision standards, a supervision committee and a Learning Community dedicated to supervisors and their continued professional development needs. This initiative has impacted supervisors, direct care staff and clients throughout the agency, something that makes its benefits so unique."
- Chief Operating Officer in a Comprehensive Mental Health Organization

"The initiative was enormously important in developing a structure to ensure supervision to our correction officers. Historically, supervision was an administrative function focused entirely on compliance but now it includes an additional focus on staff support, work quality and professional development."
- Senior Corrections Administrator

"Supervisors are now providing more consistent supervision, documenting it and serving as mentors across the Agency. I would recommend this training to any agency."
- Clinical Director in a Behavioral Health Organization

"This has helped us bring our management staff to a new level of understanding and awareness around supervision. We now have supervision standards, which assure that supervision takes place and that it focuses on both the administrative and clinical aspects of care, both vital to working in today’s healthcare environment. I would highly recommend this initiative to agencies looking to enhance supervision and grow as an institution."
- Deputy Director of a Rehabilitation Agency

"The initiative was met with enthusiasm by supervisors and direct line staff alike. We now have a comprehensive plan to focus on supervisory professional development, which has been endorsed by both senior leadership and middle management staff and communicated to all levels of the agency. This has resulted in a range of very significant outcomes, including increased job satisfaction for supervisors and staff, greater understanding of the supervisor’s role in the agency, and increased collegiality and learning amongst supervisors. We would highly recommend this initiative and training to other child agencies."
- Chief Operating Officer of a Comprehensive Service Agency for Children

"Addictions staff working in corrections have an enormously difficult job. This initiative helped to ensure supervision takes place at a required frequency and duration as well as broaden the supervisory approach to include regular case reviews focused on quality of care of the inmates."
- Senior Corrections Administrator

"This is enormously important as we try and balance the administrative needs of the agency with the incredible importance of providing effective, clinically relevant care."
- Division Director, Substance Abuse & Mental Health Service Organization

"This training and consultation increased utilization of group supervision significantly helping to balance the need for supervision with our limited resources. This level of supervisory training is vital in supporting the use of evidence-based practice when serving those challenged by mental health, addiction and co-occurring disorders."
- Chief Clinical Officer in an Agency Serving a Dually Diagnosed Population

"I can’t begin to explain how helpful the Yale consultant was yesterday. We were supposed to be done with our meeting after our discussion with him, but five of us stayed and kept processing all that we had talked about and heard him say; our role in the chaos, how we can lead, etc. It was one of the best conversations I’ve had in a long time here. He stimulated all of us and I can’t thank him enough."
- Program Coordinator in a Homeless Shelter

"Scott Migdole has been an incredible resource and partner to me as medical director and to others in our agency. He has a rare combination of wisdom, collegiality, and effectiveness. He sets the bar high in terms of standards of care and constructively worked with our staff to meet or exceed that bar. I would bring him on board as a consultant again and would recommend him to other agencies and programs with the highest possible accolades."
- Medical Director, Community Mental Health Center