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Call It a Night℠ - Sleep Better. Feel Better.

Call It A NightSM at Yale is a health program for young adults who want to sleep better and feel healthier.

How does it work?

It uses multiple technology to deliver health information and help you discover your unique health behaviors and how you respond to them. It includes:

  • A health website
  • Wearable biosensors
  • A mobile application for logging health behaviors

How can I use it?

We are currently conducting research on this program with young adults who are:

  • 18-25
  • Interested in improving their sleep
  • Alcohol drinkers

If eligible, you earn up to $311.

Explore our website to learn more about Call it a NightSM and our research.

Click here to take a web survey to find out if you are eligible.


Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health

Having Trouble Sleeping?

You may be eligible for
Call it a NightSM