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The Law and Psychiatry Division at Yale

The Law and Psychiatry Division, based in the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University provides:

  • Forensic training for psychiatrists (ACGME accredited), psychologists and social workers and APRN nurses;
  • Education of judges, attorneys and law students in psychiatric and psychological assessments;
  • Forensic evaluations (civil and criminal) for courts and attorneys;
  • Clinical services including risk assessments and diversion programs;
  • Consultation to attorneys and psychiatrists;
  • Research related to forensic psychiatry and psychology; and
  • Consultations on legislation and policy at the state and national level

The Division maintains a national reputation for excellence in the practice of forensic psychiatry. It attracts high profile cases, exceptionally qualified faculty, and talented students through its training programs, providing expert consultation and evaluations in criminal and civil cases, creative and effective policy development, and quality education.