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Chronic Stress Journal

We are delighted to introduce you to Chronic Stress, a new scientific journal published by Sage Publishing that launched in early 2017.

Visit Chronic Stress Online (external link)

The detrimental effects of chronic stress are increasingly evident in preclinical and clinical research. We created Chronic Stress to give a focused platform to highlight original and review articles related to all aspects of stress-related psychiatric disorders and symptomology. In addition to its focus on the behavioral and biological effects of chronic stress, we emphasize the recently proposed Research Domain Criteria (RDoC) in by providing a platform to discuss how to best define and study chronic stress pathology within the RDoC framework; raise awareness about the RDoC concept to individuals, groups, and institutions with high stakes in mental health research and support discussion regarding the utility and relevance of this framework.

Read more about Chronic Stress in our introductory editorial written by Drs. Abdallah, Averill, and Krystal.

If you'd like more information about Chronic Stress, please visit the journal's website.

If you have questions regarding potential submissions or would like to express interest in serving as a reviewer or as a member of the editorial board, please contact Dr. Lynnette Averill, Associate Editor, at or