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About Us

We are very excited to introduce you to the Emerge Research Program! We think of Emerge as having three very significant meanings which align strongly with our personal and professional values.

Emerge: Quality of Life
Through our work, including pharmacoimaging drug trials, we hope that study participants and patients–individuals who are struggling with trauma- and stress-related symptoms (including PTSD, depression, and suicidality)—may emerge from these struggles to enjoy a happy, healthy, and hopeful life.

Emerge: Professional Growth and Development
As we continue to advance our own knowledge and skills, and gain insight from research and clinical experiences, we push forever forward to emerge as leaders in our field. Similarly, as we mentor our staff and trainees, we hope to contribute to their own story of emergence.

Emerge: Advancement of the Field
Through our work in the fields of neuropsychiatry and neuropsychopharmacology, we, along with our many global colleagues, add to a body of specialized knowledge that we hope will advance these fields and lead to novel and improved treatments for chronic stress, trauma, depression, and suicidality.