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Lab Updates


  • 07/2019 Jian Cao starts his laboratory as an Assistant Professor at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. Congratulations!
  • 07/2019 Jocelyn Chen is awarded an NCI F31 predoctoral fellowship to study breast cancer brain metastasis. Congratulations!
  • 06/2019 Qin Yan is awarded an NCI R01 award to study the roles of KDM5B in anti-tumor immunity in breast cancer!
  • 02/2019 Qin Yan is awarded Norma Lies Mitchell Memorial Exceptional Project Grant from Breast Cancer Alliance!


  • 08/2018 Molly Gale has successfully defended her thesis on "Elucidating and Targeting Mechanisms of Resistance to HER2-Targeted Antibodies in Breast Cancer". Congratulations!