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Welcome to the Scharfe Lab

Our laboratory develops new tools and genomic approaches for molecular screening and diagnostics and the study of disease pathogenesis. We couple experimental and computational techniques to fully integrate all steps of highly multiplexed molecular assays, which include nucleic acid extraction from small and challenging clinical samples, targeted (multi-gene panels, exome) and genome sequencing, detection of rare single nucleotide and copy number variants, and data interpretation in the context of clinical findings. We use laboratory automation to increase assay precision and speed, and work on implementing these techniques into rapid disease screening and diagnostics. Our lab is located in a highly translational setting next to the Yale DNA Diagnostic Laboratory and we collaborate with clinical colleagues and researcher at Yale and other institutions. Please read here about our most recent projects.

Join Us

Are you excited about genetic disease research and diagnostics and do you want to make an impact in medicine? We are always seeking talented students, postdocs, programmers, and researchers with outstanding experimental and/or computational skills or have a strong interest in developing such skills. For more information, send an email to Dr Curt Scharfe.