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Morphogenic gradients governing areal identity in the neorcortex

Graded expression patterns of several factors thought to be responsible for shaping the ultimate neocortical landscape that is highly partitioned and specialized. Supplement list to Figure 4 in Rakic P, Ayoub AE, Breunig JJ, Dominguez MH. Decision by division: making cortical maps. Trends Neurosci. 2009 May;32(5):291-301. Epub 2009 Apr 18. Review. PubMed PMID: 19380167.

Image Molecule Repressses Induces Repressors Inducers References
BMPs (4,6,7; also 2,5) Foxg1, FGF8 Msx1 FGF8, Noggin Pubmed
Cadherin-11 Pubmed
Cad6 Cadherin-6 FGFs Pubmed
CAd8 Cadherin-8 FGFs Pubmed
Clim1a Clim1a Pubmed
COUP-TFI COUP-TFI (Nr2f1) FGF8 > FGF17 Pubmed
EGFs EGFs (TNFalpha, Nrg1, Nrg2, Nrg3) Pax6 (required) Pubmed
Emx2 Emx2 FGFs, Pax6 Reelin FGF8 >>> FGF17, Pax6 Wnts Pubmed
EphA2 EphA2 Pubmed
EphA7 EphA7 Pubmed
Ephrin-A5 Ephrin-A5 FGFs Pubmed
Etv1 Etv1(Er81) FGF8 Pubmed
FGF15 FGF15 Pubmed
FGF17 FGF17 Sp8 Sp8 Pubmed
FGF8 FGF8 BMP4, Wnts, COUP-TF1, Emx2, Otx2 FGFs, Sp8, Nkx2.1, Ets Factors (Pea3, Erm, Etv1), Spry1 and Spry2 Emx2 Shh, Sp8 Pubmed
FGFR3 FGF8 Pubmed
Foxg1 Foxg1 (BF1) BMPs BMP2, BMP4, Wnts Pubmed
Id2 Id2 Pubmed
Lhx2 Lhx2 Wnts Pubmed
Lmo3 Lmo3 Pubmed
Lmo4 Lmo4 Pubmed
Nt3 Nt3 Pubmed
Otx2 Otx2 FGF8 Pubmed
p75 p75 Emx2 Pubmed
Pax6 Pax6 Emx2 sFrp2 Emx2 Pubmed
Pea3 FGF8 Pubmed
RORbeta RORbeta FGFs Pubmed
SCIP SCIP (Pou3f1) Pubmed
sFrp2 Sfrps (sFrp2) Wnts Pubmed
Shh Gli3 FGF8, Gli3R Nkx2.1 Pubmed
Sp8 Sp5 Pubmed
Sp8 FGF8 FGFs Pubmed
Spry1 Ets factors?? Pubmed
Tbr1 Tbr1 FGF8 Pubmed
Wnts (Wnt3a,Wnt2b,Wnt5a,Wnt8b) FGFs NOT BMP Pubmed