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The Mishra Lab for Stroke Neurology

Nishant K. Mishra, MD, PhD is a clinical neuroscientist active in stroke medicine since graduating from medical school in 2003. Over the years, he has worked at several major stroke centers and neurology institutes worldwide. He also served as a clinical scientist at the United States Food & Drug Administration (FDA). His research focuses on understanding post-stroke epileptogenesis mechanisms with the goal of preventing seizures and the role of behavioral and other interventions in preventing cognitive impairment in patients with cerebrovascular disease. Drs. Mishra and Kwan convened the International Post-Stroke Epilepsy Research Consortium (IPSERC).

*For a complete listing of Dr. Mishra's published research articles, please visit his Yale profile.

Meet Neurologist Nishant Mishra, MBBS, PhD, MD

Abstracts in Conference Proceedings

  • Mortality and functional outcomes in patients with post-stroke epileptic seizures: a systematic review and meta-analysis (S45.006). Shubham Misra, Juan Vazquez, Ece Eldem, Lucas Scardua Silva, Saba Mohidat, L. Brian Hickman, Erum Khan, Melissa Funaro, Clarissa Yasuda, David Liebeskind, Scott Kasner, Nishant K. Mishra. Neurology Apr 2023, 100 (17 Supplement 2) 3645 (American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, Boston).
  • Biomarkers as prognostic determinants of epilepsy after post-acute central nervous system insults: a systematic review and meta-analysis (P3-5.017). Shubham Misra, Erum Khan, TuKiet Lam, Rajarshi Mazumder, Ece Eldem, Kapil Gururangan, L. Brian Hickman, Vaibhav Goswami, Melissa Funaro, Joan Montaner, Terence Quinn, David Liebeskind, Nishant K. Mishra Neurology Apr 2023, 100 (17 Supplement 2) 3292 (American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, Boston).
  • Impact of Bilingualism on the Cognitive Outcomes in Stroke Survivors: A Systematic Review (P4-12.005). Ece Eldem, Shubham Misra, Terence Quinn, Lucas Driskell, Alice Perez, Carmen Carrion, Todd Constable, Joseph Schindler, Yize Zhao, Jason Sico, Jason D. Hinman, Heather Allore, Swathi Kiran, Jubin Abutalebi, Jean-Marie Annoni, Nishant K. Mishra. Neurology Apr 2023, 100 (17 Supplement 2) 3871 (American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting, Boston).
  • Genetic Predisposition to Post-Stroke Epilepsy: Results from the UK Biobank and the All of Us Research Program. Cyprien Rivier, Santiago Clocchiatti-Tuozzo, Shubham Misra, Johan Zelano, Chris Cotsapas, Rajarshi Mazumder, Lauren Sansing, Adam de Havenon, Lawrence Hirsch, David Liebeskind, Emily Gilmore, Kevin Sheth, Jennifer Kim, Guido Falcone, Nishant K. Mishra. European Stroke Journal 2023; 8(2_suppl):3-669(European Stroke Organisation Conference, Munich).
  • Impact Of Genetic Polymorphisms On The Risk Of Epilepsy Amongst Patients With Acute Brain Injury: A Systematic Review (Abstract TP229). Shubham Misra, Terence J Quinn, Guido J Falcone, Vijay K Sharma, Adam de Havenon, Yize Zhao, Ece Eldem, Jacqueline A French, Clarissa Lin Yasuda, Jesse Dawson, David S Liebeskind, Patrick Kwan, Nishant K. Mishra. Stroke 2023, 54 (Suppl_1)(International Stroke Conference in Dallas).