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About Dr. Mishra

Nishant Mishra, MBBS, PhD, MD is a clinical neuroscientist with a long-standing interest in stroke medicine. He joined Yale in 2021 as a vascular neurologist and assistant professor of neurology. His journey in stroke neurology began in 2003 after finishing medical school. Over the years, he has worked at several major stroke centers and neurology institutes around the world. He also served at the United States Food and Drug Administration as a clinical scientist. Dr. Mishra is excited to be at Yale, where he is using his vast experience in stroke research to advance stroke medicine and serve patients. He conducts clinical research that spans the full breadth of stroke care, including acute intervention, prevention, and post-stroke recovery. Dr. Mishra invites collaborators, trainees, and interested sponsors to connect by emailing his lab.

*For a complete listing of Dr. Mishra's published research articles, please visit his Yale profile.

Meet Neurologist Nishant Mishra, MBBS, PhD, MD