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About the Melnick Lab

Dr. Ted Melnick is a transformational leader in clinical informatics and emergency medicine research. As PI of the Melnick Lab and Director of the Yale-VA Clinical Informatics Fellowship program, Dr. Melnick and his team's primary goal is to improve the digital health user experience for clinicians and their patients by rigorous application of systems engineering science and principles throughout the lifecycle of digital health innovations.

The Lab also has a special emphasis on implementation of scientifically sound EHR use metrics and health services research to improve current delivery systems. Melnick Lab research is funded by the National Institute of Health (currently, NIDA and NIMH), the American Medical Association, and the Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality.

Weekly Lab Meeting

Weekly lab meetings are held on Tuesday mornings. At these weekly meetings, project updates are discussed in presence of a diverse group to encourage brainstorming and new perspective and inspiration for future projects. Fellows, residents, and students with relevant interest in informatics are encouraged to join these meetings to learn more about the Melnick Lab and discuss their interest. For questions, please reach out to Dr. Bidisha Nath or Dr. Melnick.

Latest News

Levy Receives AMIA 2023 Leadership Award

Deborah Levy, MD, MPH, Lecturer in the Section of Biomedical Informatics and Data Science, received a leadership award for outstanding volunteer service advancing the vision, mission, and goals of AMIA 25x5 to reduce clinician documentation burden.

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