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Students' Corner

The Lombroso Lab welcomes undergraduates who are interested in a serious and intensive research experience during the academic year, during the summer, or both. Working in the lab is not simply an opportunity to develop many scientific research skills. It also offers the possibility of publishing in refereed scientific journals. Most important, it offers the opportunity to join a community of scholars working on issues of critical importance.

The Lombroso Lab gives preference of admission to freshmen and sophomores in order to allow them to dedicated several years in the lab on a project.

Undergraduate students who have worked in the Lombroso Lab have won several honors since 2005, including the Churchill Scholarship, the Mitchell Scholarship, the Marshall Scholarship, Phi Beta Kappa, the Rhodes Scholarship (2 winners and a finalist), and the Yale Biology Prize. Many of them have graduated magna or summa cum laude (Yale), or with University Honors (Wesleyan). They have gone on to do graduate school at Cambridge University, Duke University, Harvard University, MIT, Oxford University, Stanford University, and Trinity College, Dublin.

It is a privilege to work with, mentor, and write for these outstanding students.

Student School Dates
Preetinder Singh Yale Undergraduate 2015 - Present
Evan Risch Yale Undergraduate 2015-Present
Maheen Zakaria Yale Undergraduate 2015 - Present
Amy Lee Sewanee Undergraduate Summer 2015
Lauren Hagani Hopkins High School Summer 2015
Jessie Benedict Yale Undergraduate 2015 - Present
Jeemin Kwon Yale Undergraduate 2014 - Present
Emory Werner Vassar Undergraduate Summer 2014
Clair Sulerzyski Yale Undergraduate 2013 - 2015
Mitchell Powell Yale Undergraduate 2013 - Present
Tiffany Hsu Yale Undergraduate 2012 - 2014
Robert Samples Amity Regional High School 2011 - 2015
Shaunak Bakshi Yale Undergraduate 2012 - 2015
Neil Pathak Yale Undergraduate 2012 - 2013
Jake Allen Yale Undergraduate 2012 - 2013
Christopher Marnell Yale Undergraduate 2011 - 2013
Micah Johnson Yale Undergraduate 2011 - 2013
William Zhang Yale Undergraduate 2011
Linda Zhou Yale Undergraduate 2011
Prateek Baghel Yale Undergraduate 2011 - 2013
Faten Sayed Yale Undergraduate 2010 - 2013
Jacob Baranoski Yale Medical School 2010
Tiffany Pang Yale Undergraduate 2010 - 2012
Linda Li Yale Undergraduate 2009 - 2011
Veronica Galvin Quest College 2010 summer
Raj Mehrotra Wash U St. Louis 2010 summer
Kristin Johnson Yale Undergraduate 2009 summer
Cali Calarco Vasaar College 2009 summer
Casey Perley Yale Undergraduate 2006 - 2008
Michelle Schorn Yale Undergraduate 2006 - 2007
Matthew Baum Yale Undergraduate 2006 - 2009
Yuen-Jong Liu Yale Medical Student 2005 - 2006
Dan Austin Wesleyan Undergraduate 2006 summer
Joanna Mattis Yale Undergraduate 2004 - 2006