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Development and Neurobiology Columns

Our understanding of the biological and environmental factors that influence brain development has grown dramatically over recent years. Advances in genetics have begun to clarify the molecular basis of not only single gene disorders, such as fragile X syndrome, but also more complex phenotypes such as dyslexia and schizophrenia. New neuroimaging techniques show us the shapes and sizes of brain nuclei, the concentrations of neurotransmitters, and the changes in neuronal activity within the brain while it is actually completing tasks. I have worked more recently with Dr. Marilee Ogren to expand on the original columns and we now present all of the columns below. These are complex topics that we have tried to make available to the general public as well as scientists interested in areas they may not have explored before. Happy reading, and let us know if you would like to see more of these columns at this site.

Columns by Topic