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Mitchell Powell

Undergraduate, Senior

Contact Information

Mitchell Powell


I am an MCDB (Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology) major, and have been working in Dr. Lombroso’s lab since early 2013. I originally became interested in neurobiology research due to an illness in my family, and so after I came to Yale I approached Dr. Lombroso about a research opportunity and he offered me his strong support and encouragement right from the start. Since joining I have assisted with a few different research efforts, including projects which concern the mechanisms of STEP in Alzheimer’s disease, age-related cognitive decline, and alcohol abuse. I plan to continue my work in the lab through my senior year, and I am currently looking into a project investigating the potential involvement of STEP in the mechanism of ALS, which may be linked through oxidative damage or glutamate excitotoxicity in motor neurons.

Throughout my time in the lab, I’ve worked with a group of great post-docs, fellow undergraduates, and of course, Dr. Lombroso himself. They have all created a very collaborative and supportive environment that I really like and truly appreciate. Initially I worked under the tutelage of Jonathan Brouillette, and now I work with Debolina Ghosh, both of whom have been incredibly helpful. I owe much of my proficiency in lab techniques and scientific inquiry to Dr. Lombroso and these amazing scientists, and I look forward to continuing my rewarding work in this remarkable lab.