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Yale Telehealth Study

This is a remote study with no in-person visits. You will be compensated for the study participation.

We are looking for participants who:

  • Drink alcohol socially
  • Are struggling with COVID-19 related stress
  • Are between 18-55 years old

To participate, you need to have your own:

  • Personal computer with webcam
  • Smartphone (Android or iOS)

You will also need access to a secure and quiet room for confidential study interview sessions.

Contact us:
1-888-Y-STRESS (1-888-978-7377)

Study Timeline

Based on intakes and eligibility, you will be assigned to the procedure below:

  • 4-5 Intakes (remote, up to 2 hours each)
    • The intake process includes questionnaires, assessments, and in-depth interviews.
  • 4-week remote intervention
    • 2 therapy sessions per week (2 hours each)
    • Post-treatment session (1 session, 2 hours)
  • Follow-up
    • 30-day smartphone app surveys (10-15 min daily)
    • Post-evaluation session (1-2 appointments, 2-4 hours)

*Smartphone surveys will be used throughout the study procedure.

Expected duration: 2.5 months, 28-30 hours total

We look forward to working with you!