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Md Afjalus Siraj

Postdoctoral Associate

Contact Information

Md Afjalus Siraj


I started my Postdoctoral training as a Postdoctoral Associate in the laboratory of Dr. Luisa Escobar-Hoyos in the Department of Therapeutic Radiology at Yale University in 2021. As a scientist in the field of Cancer Biology and Chemotherapeutics, my research goal is to understand essential cellular mechanisms that can serve as targets and therapy resistance for the development of new and more effective therapies to prevent and fight cancer. I have trained as a Molecular Pharmacologist in the field of Cancer and Inflammatory diseases, and I am now expanding my scientific repertoire through my postdoctoral training to understand what non-mutational mechanisms are used by pancreatic ductal carcinoma (PDAC) to thrive and develop resistance to currently available therapies.

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